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By Gutshot
Maybe this has been brought up before but a search didn't turn it up. Found out the hard way this afternoon that the timer between feedback sessions in the free version doesn't start until you finish the whole free session. I ran through my time yesterday got down to just a couple minutes left and figured I didn't have time to get into the next song so just waited until today. Today I jump into the next song, and get about 3 minutes in and it tells me my feedback time is up for the next 12 hours. Apparently the 12 hour countdown didn't start because I didn't run through ALL the previous feedback time.
By ylly
You are right, it has been mentioned before. And yes that is how it works.
By Spinningwoman
Just bite the bullet and pay for premium - you will find yourself practicing for hours!
By g Dawg
Makes sense that it would function that way to me now that you mentioned it. However, I am glad for the reminder.
By Antmax
Before I went premium I'd stick to one part of a song or lesson and just reset before the track ran out unless I beat my high score. When you reset the track the time reset so in theory you could play the same task indefinitely. I've been on premium a couple of months now so it might not still be like that.

Worked for me till I started to get stuck and needed to mix up the lessons a bit more. Then I went premium.
By Gutshot
Yeah, the goal is to go prime... but right now we're 2 weeks out from the birth of our first child so I didn't want to get any more invested in anyting than the free version. :D
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