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By mwpape
2 PM on a Friday here and having same issues here.
I have Windows 10 and I have tried the fixes but still not able to download and open program. I will not renew until this gets fixed. Whenever my PC updates I dread the problems it causes
By tara green
Same issue here. Couldn't open it on my laptop so downloaded it onto the PC & Avast has put it in the virus chest saying it's infected!

Help - need my guitar propgramme!
Well I believe the issue is something about the update is causing our programs to see yousician as malware. I am willing to bet most of us are using "avast virus protection" on our PCs. I went into my virus chest and restored the program with an exception to allow yousician going forward.
The program is working on my PC again :D :D :D
If you just keep downloading without putting the exception your PC's virus program thinks it's getting attacked and will deny program access.

Hope this helps, and there isn't a nasty virus in the app causing me to mess up my computer lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
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