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By bertinlosier
I would like to start my three kids, age 15, 8 and 5 on yousician for piano.

Do you have group plans.

By barcode16
+1 for this. I would like my 8-year old daughter to have her own profile, rather than letting her use mine. For now she has a free account herself, but sometimes wants to practice for up to an hour rather than just 20 minutes. I can't justify a second premium account though!
By BrunoC6
Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Although Family Plans have been discussed before, at this moment we can not guarantee if/when they will be available.
By RedHotFuzz
Any progress on the family plan approach? Waiting for this before I jump into a premium subscription.
By ylly
I am not part of the Yousician organisation so don't take my word for it, but I wouldn't wait for it to happen because you could be waiting forever.

Subscribe for one year or month, using a new account, all familiy members use that same account to practice with no limitations and can use their free account for high scores. See how much joy it brings. If it does, add more subscriptions, if it doesn't, unscubscribe the paid account.

When/if the familyplan arrives you can still change things around, I guess.
By ToneDefGuy
I am new to Yousician and keen to sign up for premium, but also have other keen musicians in my family of 5. So has there been any developments on family plans? We're not going to fork out for 5 premium subscriptions so a family plan for a bit extra would get us all onboard instead of sharing one premium account. Thanks
By Cerilon
I received the Black Friday discount. I would definitely love to buy a Premium subscription. But I have two sons that want to learn music too, and I cannot pay for three accounts. So, since it would be unfair to get one for myself only and leave the children with the free version, I won't buy the premium.
If Yousician enabled a family plan, they would finally get one sale in my family, instead of zero.
By Rianio
+1 for the family plan from me. This is my sons premium account but I would love one of my own too and I'm sure my other sons would get some joy out of it. It seems like a really obvious thing.
By koomikko
another +1 to family plan -- similar to spotify or perhaps even netflix which has multiple accounts. I'm learning bass and my son is learning piano.
By jentofts
BrunoC6 wrote:Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Although Family Plans have been discussed before, at this moment we can not guarantee if/when they will be available.
Can't you grant a premium member access to additional "free" accounts? surely this is a minor fix?

edit: alternatively is there a way to save and reset progress so you at least can start over for other members of the household?
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