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By nocnyptak
Go and open the ticket - send your details (username, setup etc) to support@yousician.com

There is great variety of devices on the market. This seems an individual case now because most devices work fine, touch wood. Do inform support.
By spaynter
Happens occasionally to me on a Dell Core i7, 32GB RAM. I think it is Windows or another app like anti-virus doing something at the same time and grabs a resource that YS is using. I doubt it is out of memory or CPU cycles. I run only YS + AVG. Maybe an anti-virus scan is running in the background.
By kysersosai
After alot of troubleshooting i learned that screen lag can be a result of refresh rate. So i changed my rate from 30hz to 60hz and Yousician is playing without stutter or lag.
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