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By ombrellone
i needfull offline Access for our holydays.
Is It possible to temporarly story some lessons?
Gruß ombrellone
By ylly
There is a 'Clear stored songs' option in Settings, so some information seems to be available when not online, not sure this includes feedback functionality.

Did you try it?
Disable wifi, or set to flight mode.

There no feature that will let you select songs to store for offline use.
By ombrellone
I can Not Start the yousician app without Internet connection
By leptone55
+1 bump

Does the Yousician app need connectivity to run? The app seems to run fine without connectivity. If I start the app and then turn off WiFi in the middle of a lesson, the app still works for the duration of that lesson.

Couldn't the app cache the data locally and then sync progress / software updates when connectivity is restored?

This would be awesome improvement in UX as it would enable use any where I can go with my iPad.

Thank you!
By ivymmorrison
It blows my mind that this requires a internet connection. Can you please look at this. Internet connection so slow due to Covid-19. Please enable it to be used offline.

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