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By Dwusician
I really want to support Yousician, but encounter a stumbling block. I would like to print out the sheet music or tab (ukulele). I'm a silver surfer (i.e. senior citizen), and find the game aspect of the program frustrating. For me, multitasking is bunk. I prefer to concentrate on various aspects one at a time. Which finger to use; identify the note on a staff; learn which position on the fretboard is equivalent to the note on the staff; learn the tempo, etc. In gave mode, one has to learn all these skills concurrently. There have been a number of requests for sheet music or tabs in previous posts. Add this plea to the list. Downloads could be in pdf, TuxGuitar, GuitarPro, or even midi (Midi files can be transformed into sheet music by MuseScore). Previous answers have stated that providing sheet music is not possible "at this time". Is it a copyright problem? A programming problem? Something else?
Looking forward to your reply. I would be willing to pay the premium rate for the possibility of downloading.
By nocnyptak
Hello there

This forum is mainly powered by volunteers so if you wish response from YS team then I would suggest writing directly to support team: https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Meanwhile you can upvote Print song feature request here:
https://yousician.uservoice.com/forums/ ... ng-feature

I personally appreciate "gamefication-ing" aspect of this app. There is loads of other sources of downloadable sheet music if you don't enjoy YS (just google it).

We certainly do want a Print Song Feature though - for example for those cases when internet is down and we want to carry on practicing etc.
By garyjmilne
I've given up waiting on this feature. I have spent a lot of time learning these songs so it is very frustrating not to be able to play them without sitting in front of a computer. I'll save my $180 annually and spend my time learning a version that I can take with me.
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