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By ZenEagle
I love that there's now a way to turn down the audio effects in the app, but I still can't figure out if it's possible to turn down the music itself. I often play on my iPad, running my electric guitar through an amp sim on iPad, Bias FX or THM/Fabfilters, so I don't need the new ability to turn up the dry guitar volume through Yousician's amp sim -- anyway, I'd like the my guitar volume to stand out more from the yousician background music on each song ...need an ability to turn down the music so I can hear my guitar better.
By johnmosley
They removed the general volume control from the iPad version a while ago, and that is a. Big issue for as the Yousician backing track swamps the guitar sound from amp simulators, suck that I have had to change to use an external amp on iPad. The volume control is still there on Windows which makes even more strange that it was removed from iPad. They would not accept this as a bug.
By pequeno0
I have to agree. This is so stupid. Some of the songs have weird noises in the background, that seriously messes with my ear, since they don't always seem to correspond to the node I have to play. Please bring back a volume button for the instrument, the music, and the effects.
By jstig
Is there any movement on this request? I just bought an iRig interface and can hardly hear my bass in the mix. It's very frustrating because I can't pick up on the little things I need to work on.
By johnmosley
They did bring back the master volume some time ago, so you can turn the Yousician volume down with out using the iPad volume control. For the guitar sounds use a separate amp sim like Amplitube or GarageBand and you can control the volume of the guitar there. There was a separate issue about Yousician not working with the amp simps recently, don’t know if that is fixed now or not.
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