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I am also in the same boat. I used the app once. Cancelled a day after the free trial despite not using any of the free trial. I am now paying £10 month to a service I never use at a time of a global crisis for a whole year.

I have submitted a ticket, but to those reading please be aware and think twice about starting the free trial because I will ultimately be paying £120 pounds to use the app once.

Whilst I appreciate liability lies with me, I struggle to believe that a company of this size cannot exercise leniency with new users at a time of this global crisis.

Shame on you.

Think I got lucky.

Signed up for the 7-day trial and earlier this week was just having a nose around the website and noticed on the accounts page I was signed up for a year from the end of the month.

They really should make it very visible when signing up for the free trial that's whats going to happen, even if it is embedded in the T&C's somewhere.

I still want to use the service as I'm really enjoying it so contacted support and asked them to move me to a monthly plan, which they claimed to have done even though the accounts page still says yearly.

Not risking it, so cancelled this morning and will just re-sign up for monthly.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read the free trial fine print. "After the free trial, your card will automatically be charged $ 179.99 every year. Your contract will renew automatically on your yearly renewal date, until you cancel your subscription."

Took me two seconds to read that on the free trial page once it loaded. You are acting like you wont get a refund, of course you will. Just do whats asked of you and contact Apple. If you pay a merchant through PayPal, it would be PayPal that handles the refund. In this case you purchased through Apple, not yousician.com, so Apple has to process the refund.

There is absolutely no reason to go bash yousician on social media for your own incompetence.
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