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By BadHouses
I'm only being offered a DMG image for mac, but I'm on Linux.

It seems though the website is mistaking my machine for a Mac.

Does anyone have a link the the .deb file needed?

Many thanks.
By bozukcoban
OK but why? There should be a way to install it from linux? At least put the previous file ??? :roll:
By gluec
Was this posted somewhere? I find little reference to it besides here. I sure have a lot of Yousician emails, but none mention "linux". As something I'd paid for, I think there could have been a better heads up when dropping support for the only platform I use it on.
By alphabetasoup
Anyway to install an older version or something? You can drop support, but I was actually pretty happy with how it was and don't really need any updates.
By AlQuzMar
Probably a no go, since they dropped some major features and added others. No more Linux. What a shame.
By Vantskruv
I got the yearn to play again and maybe buy a subscription, but now there is no Linux support. I will restore my guitar in the cellar again, or trying to looking for another service. Yousician is great, but is not an available option for me now. :cry:

By modjohn
I have the same issue, it's offering a Mac OS DMG file. When will the Linux support be fixed?
By mahenou
Oh no, what a shame :-(
At least I would like to test the Windows version under Linux through Wine, but cannot, as I get a .dmg file and not the Windows installer. Any idea ?

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