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No Sound with Yousician ONLY on MSI laptop

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:43 am
by vetie123

I have been using Yousician off and on for several years on several different computers over the years and have never experienced the issue I describe below.

I have been running Yousician on my latest computer, a MSI GS65 Windows 10 laptop for more than 6 months without any issues. My laptop is typically connected to my external 34 inch monitor with on-board speakers and Yousician works just fine HOWEVER, tonight I decided to unplug my monitor and work with Yousician while sitting on my couch.

Well now I have absolutely no sound out of Yousician when using the laptop built-in speakers.
To troubleshoot the issue, I re-connected my monitor to my laptop via the HDMI port and as expected, it worked fine and I could hear everything. Unplug my HDMI cable (and ensure Windows has chosen my internal speakers as the output device) - no sound at all.

I still have system sounds and every other program I have that uses sounds works properly.

Here are the items I have done to try and resolve this issue:
  • Reload sound card driver - No Sound in Yousician only (unless my laptop is plugged into my external monitor via HDMI)
    Verify within Yousician that the microphone is enabled (it works as I can see the gauge move) - No Sound
    Tried my headphone port - No sound
    Removed the Yousician application, reset my laptop and re-installed Yousician (the uninstall obviously does not remove everything, when I re-installed the application, it remembered my login information)
I inspected the install path for Yousician and didn't see any orphaned files but i'm sure something must be left on my system because I don't have to provide my credentials again after I remove and re-install the app.

Bottom line is I can only seem to use Yousician when my laptop is connected to my external monitor because as soon as its unplugged, I loose all of the sound in Yousician only. It appears that the program is still trying to use my monitor speakers even when they are no longer available.

Any other suggestions to try and get this working?

Re: No Sound with Yousician ONLY on MSI laptop

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:34 am
by alejandro parot
The exact same problem here in my MSI laptop...
It worked fine before the update, but I have no sound now.
Please, help us!

Re: No Sound with Yousician ONLY on MSI laptop

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:34 pm
by derek72off
Yep, same here on MSI laptop...