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By dan095
I installed the Yousician launcher on Windows 10 today, but every time I clicked the icon, nothing happens. Nothing pops up and it feels like I haven't clicked it at all. Does anyone know that is the issue with it?
By 76IbanezV
Exactly the same happens to me. I was actually playing Yousician when it locked up. Would not start again. Now, it will not load anymore. Says initializing - then disappears and doesnt load. On two different Windows 10 laptops
By sanukii
I ran into the same problem. It consists in the fact that during installation from the official site only 4 files are downloaded: “yousician launcher, version.txt, unins000.dat, unins .exe”. Naturally, with this set of files, the application cannot start. I tried many options: starting with administrator privileges, having previously installed it on another computer (windows 7), and then transferred it to my computer (windows 10), having previously installed all Visual C ++ packages, downloading the installer from different browsers. Nothing helped, even transferring all the files from another computer (but it is worth noting that when you run the file "yousician.exe" from the folder "../yousician Launcher / yousician.app /") the application starts, but asks to launch yousician using file 'yousician launcher' and close). Very strange and unpleasant situation. I hope the developers can deal with this problem as quickly as possible. I talked to Bruno from tech support for a while about this issue. So you can ask him about it(request #245842). I hope at least one of the developers will look at this post:)
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