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I am considering upgrading my well served Asus tablet, which I have been primarily using with Yousician. However, before I waltz into a store, I would like to check this forum's (ideally official Yousician's) recommendation on a tablet that is known to work perfectly with the app.

With my current tablet I have had two main issues:
1. Sometimes the UI lags horribly. Visual cues are not appearing in sync with the music and the horizontal scrolling is sporadic as opposed to being fluid. I am assuming that CPU or GPU or memory is maxing out. Closing all other apps and having the tablet plugged into a power source often helps. Reboot if nothing else.

2. Quite often the app is struggling to hear me playing my bass. I am being nagged either with a recommendation that i should plug my bass to an amp (which it is) or that I should lower the playback volume (it is already at around 25% which makes it hard to hear). Clearly the tablet microphone isn't the greatest. Can't really blame this on the app.

Therefore I am asking if there would be any HW recommendations which should alleviate both of these issues?
I use a Lenovo Tab 4 and Yousician works awesome with it. My setup is this, an iRig 2 running into the headphone jack on the tablet, from the iRig 2 the 1/4 cable out to my Orange amp and the headphone audio out to my Orange AUX in. Excellent recognition in Yousician and I can hear my guitar clearly through the amp along with the output of Yousician for the backing track (so to speak), Works equally well with the bass in my Fender Rumble amp.
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