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By raygotsol
So there are no resources to my knowledge that can help me with this so I'm hoping anyone here can help if possible.

Well here goes...

Right now this is my setup:
-Presonus Audiobox with condenser mic(input 1) and electric guitar(input 2).
-On Yousician I have the Audio Settings on ASIO, Audiobox driver, input 2. So the game is picking up sound from my guitar. That's not a problem.
-On Reaper I have 2 channels open. One for my Mic and one for my electric guitar. I have Voxengo Recorder routing the sound to audio on SLOBS through my Realtek HD Audio...

1. Not picking up any audio from Yousician on stream. Can't pick it up anywhere for some reason. Not on desktop audio on SLOBS. I can hear in my headset fine but can't get it through my stream.
2. Delay from guitar to video on Yousician. I get this though. Routing it through Reaper adds delay.
3. Delay from webcam to microphone audio... I can fix this

Are there any easy solutions on acoustic guitar and/or electric guitar? I have looked all over and this is a combination of all I found. Feels like a mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need to know anything else just let me know.
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By Savv
I suspect that problem #1 may be related to the fact that you’re using ASIO. Have you tried using plugins like this one: https://github.com/Andersama/obs-asio ?
I have a USB microphone with a built-in sound card and it just works with no issues. But it doesn’t use ASIO, so I can only monitor the audio from the mic with no processing.

The delay might be there because you’re routing the sound all over the place. You can either use sync offset (delaying the video by some milliseconds so that it matches the audio) or you can apply VST effect and do all the audio processing inside OBS instead of Reaper or whatever.

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