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By Dr. Tranny
For well over a year, I've been using an iRig 2 adapter into my Samsung tablet with no issues. Suddenly with the latest update, although the app can still hear my guitar just fine, I can no longer hear my guitar through my headphones, and when I try to pull up the mixer I get the error message saying my device isn't fast enough. I was able to bypass this once before by dropping the buffer down as far as it would go, but apparently that's no longer allowed. :roll:

So I tried playing through the cheesy little 10w practice amp I have, and ran into the same issue that prompted me to buy a direct plug-in interface in the first place: Yousician utterly refuses to recognize any G-based chords I play unless it gets them directly through an interface...which is ENDlessly frustrating. And running amp effects apps in the background only seems to confuse Yousician to the point where it stops hearing my guitar at all.

Soooooooo, are there any viable options? Would it work to, say, plug into an amp, run a line out from the amp into the iRig, and have proper guitar sounds come out of my headphones without Yousician being all "durr hurr I hear nothing"? Or am I stuck not being able to properly hear the sound of an electric guitar while playing an electric guitar?


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