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By kokasgui
So, I earned some certificates for completing certain tasks in the Missions tab and I'm glad thay did a certificate for every instrument. But, when I looked at them, I noticed some major flaws:

  1. The logo is not updated
  2. The font is not Montserrat (the font that is used in the whole app)
  3. The level display is not consistent with the app itself
  4. And final, the layout leaves so unnecessary space between objects

With that in mind, I decided to make a mockup of what could look a redesigned certificate, that I believe is more consistent with the app itself and looks way nicer. You can view it in the Uservoice page, linked below. Please comment what you think of the mockup, and if you like the idea, consider voting in the Uservoice page!

Also, can you tell me if these certificates are eligible in a CV?

➡️ Uservoice page ⬅️

If you want, you can see the file directly here: Certificate Mockup

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