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I have difficulties to troubleshoot the "Yousician backend couldn't be reached" issue on my Windows 10 PC. I tried to switch on off proxy, Rebooted. Enabled it in Windows Firewall. My complexings are that I have a Cisco Horizon VPN also running on my system which might hide the real network connection and creates a virtual network adapter. Every other application deals with this specific situation.

It is not connecting to the backend in both situations:
- without VPN activated, the PC is connected to my local WiFi, then there is no proxy and I switched it off in Internet settings,
- with VPN activated and the connection has to run through my companies firewall which is set in internet configuration.

So my question: Does Yousician use a special connection, not the standard HTTP/HTTPS ports, or does it read the proxy configuration in a special place, or does it expect a specific physical network adapter? Normally applications should be completely agnostic about network infrastructures, but is Yousician somehow different?

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