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By riles246
I paid for premium a couple weeks ago and everything was working fine but today I logged in and everything reset back to "free". I emailed support but no response yet- is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

I've been reading some old threads and it seems that this happens occasionally for multiple users, so trying to put myself at ease by seeing that it impacts more than just me (this was a lot of money to spend!).
By rbtjean
Same problem for me. Hope it is a temporary problem as it is very frustating. Evidently it pushes in the direction of using another service for guitar lessons and not renew.
By riles246
Phew, glad I'm not alone. It was frustrating because I paid for the first time last week and now I'm getting ads to sign up at 40% off (guess it's the renewal price), but hopefully that means I'll get those prices next year at renewal time.
By riles246
Actually I just checked mine and it's fixed. Try restoring your purchases again?

I did email support earlier today though, so if yours isn't working maybe you should do the same. I was hoping they fixed it globally but even if it's just case by case you can get them to fix it by emailing.
By teamfilkins1
I have had the same problem and have been contacting support for 9 days. I have tried everything (logging out and back in, offloading app and reinstalling, trying to log in with Apple ID instead of user name and password) and nothing. Support ignores me for days and then says when technical let’s them know something they will let me know. Is it still happening to others?
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