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By adam.kerrison
I've been using Yousician for a few months and I like it: it makes me practice regularly with new songs to try which is all great. However, I've played bass for many years so I've reached Level 9 fairly quickly ... so now what? It seems that there are lots of techniques that aren't covered so are new levels planned?

For example, I'm pretty poor at slap bass but there are no lessons which cover it. I have found at least one song where you slap (level 10!) but how can I practice to get to the level? Also, time signatures - again, I found a song in 5/4 but what about lessons covering this and exercises to build you skills. What about tapping? Harmonics?

Don't get me wrong, I like the app but having paid for a subscription I don't just want more and more songs, it's got to keep pushing us a players to master other skills
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