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By Soul.dk
Hi the app updated yesterday and to day it crashed and uninstalled. (win10)

I try to download the app on the webpage but my virus killer AVG keeps deleting it and says its infected by "Win32:MdeClass"

so how do i proceed from here ??
By Soul.dk
update !!

disabled the Antivirus to test the install and when its installed and i start the app it says

Yousician Launcher.exe moved to quarantine because infected with "IDP.Generic.253f6a356631.3.2"

Do you have any solutions ?? seems pretty serious
I am having the same issue as well, stating that it is a virus, but I know it is and it keeps telling me that error code 1450. I don't know why this is happening and I tried the fix that the Yousician website had and did everything that it told me to do and it still saying that it's a virus. I hope it gets fixed because I wanna practice.
By rohanvp
HAving the same problem. McAfee just congratulated itself 4 times on blocking the yousician app and deleting it. As frustrating as it is, it seems to be happening with multiple antivirus programs and so need a solution?
By chill57

I'm having the same issue with McAfee and it started on Friday, 8/21/2020.

When I tried to launch Yousician, I received the message from the McAffe program indicating that it stopped a virus (see McAffee Prompt image).

Pressing the "Tell More" button showed the McAffee program found the Suspect!916781c3679c virus (see McAfee Threat Report and Quarantined List). I deleted the file and ran a virus scan on my computer, but did not find anything.

I downloaded the Yousician executable file from the website and tried to install it but received a Windows 10 message "Unable To Execute File..." (see Windows Dialog Message Box).

I even scanned the downloaded file to see if there was a virus attached, but the McAffee program did not find a virus on the file.

I found and use the process "HOW TO FIX LAUNCHER ISSUES ON PC/MAC" on the Yousician site, and was able to install and launch the program, but still have the same issues after restarting the program.

Like the others in the forum, this if very frustrating and I hope that a solution if found soon.
Windows Dialog Message Box.png
Windows Dialog Message Box.png (11.22 KiB) Viewed 19988 times
McAfee Threat Report.png
McAfee Threat Report.png (114.73 KiB) Viewed 19988 times
By chill57
Update - I also have Yousician on my laptop, which worked fine a few days ago, but today (Sunday 8/23/20) when I started my laptop there was a Windows setup screen which I skipped (system must have performed an update) and Yousician also failed to launch on when i tried to start it. My laptop is giving me the same symptoms as my computer (PC).

And now that I think of it, I had the same Windows setup screen on my computer when this issue started happening on my computer. I'm wondering it this issue is related to the Windows update.

I have attached a copy of the latest Windows Quality update on my computer and laptop.
The list shows 8/13/20 for my computer, but the same list was updated on my laptop on 8/22/20.
I'm having this issue as well. Just clicked my the "Yousician launcher" icon on my desktop and shortly after that a McAfee popped out saying "We just stopped a virus". In details I found that the file "C:\Users\Player\AppData\Roaming\Yousician Launcher\Yousician Launcher.exe" is infected by "Suspect!916781c3679c".

Tried downloading a fresh copy of "YousicianSetup.exe" from
https://account.yousician.com/download and got exactly the same issue.

Cannot use my Premium+ :-(

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