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By ryanblumenow
I wanted to post here and say how much I am enjoying the bass path. I have been playing bass for a little while already and thoguht I was doing quite well, and this is still teaching me things I didn't know and highlighting the areas I need work in. I am really excited to continue.

By nocnyptak
I enjoy bass path too. Great supplement to guitar path really. Many thanks to Yousician team.

By the way, I think there is a bug in certain songs because whatever I did I played them Early (however other songs were played Perfect with the same set up). But even with lower scores I do enjoy the bass path and I am looking forward to play higher levels... I just got to the congrats vid. :-)
By Refractions
Really enjoying the Bass sessions, finding that its helping me with Guitar as well :)
By distanceremovedradio
I wish I had a bass :lol: This might be the thing that leads me to picking one up I think.
@nocnyptak we found a bug in the song Bending The Spoon that messed up the sync and caused the player to be early, it's now fixed. If you find similar cases, please let us know!
By jlabudek
What is max level in the bass path? I have finished level 5 and successfully unlocked level 6.
But there is no content for level 6, is this a bug or this is the end of fun?
By nocnyptak
We are still waiting for higher levels path.

Meanwhile you can play some higher levels pieces that can be found under Songs tab. Plus every week new challenges...

You can search users songs too but only when you have active premium subscription (for example, I have just uploaded nice interpretation of "The show must go on" which is just for level 6 and took me great effort to share it because of app limitations but I managed to apply background sound too so enjoy while it is all there!).
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