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By Dudeistmonk
I saw Rush live back in the mid 90s. I had some CDs but I wasn't a die hard fan and it was an excellent show. One of the better ones that I have seen.
By axeman73
I think that's where Rush truely shines. It's at their live performances.
By Idolvo
1. Geddy Lee (duh!)
2. Martin Mendez
3. John Paul Jones
4. Lemmy
5. Chris Wolstenholme

Lots of great others, but I'd say this is my top 5.
By blinkless
Jaco Pastorius
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
Justin Chancellor (Tool)
Paul D'Armour (Tool)
Mike Todd (Coheed & Cambria)
Zach Cooper (Coheed & Cambria)
Mike Inez (Alice in Chains)
Eric Judy (Modest Mouse)
Troy Sanders (Mastodon)
Jack Bruce (Cream, West Bruce & Lang)
Les Claypool (Primus)
By lemonknope
Hands down Joe Dart. Also really dig the work of Cory Murchy and Jordan Wooley. Oh and Flea, obviously.
By Colourman
Mr Bob Wesron of Shellac. No gymnastics but he locks the groove, partly thanks to his partner in grind Todd the broken drummer. Oh and did I mention the tone? Saw them live and the sound was perfection. And like most of the best he barely moves. :P
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