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By axeman73
Dudiestmonk asked this similar question in the guitar discussion so I'll ask it here. What bass are you rockin?
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By axeman73
I'm currently playing a Fender p-bass, which I love, but I've been drooling over a Fender j-bass at Musician's friend. A natural ash bodied beauty, that they've just dropped 200.00 on their price tag (a sale promotion.) I couldn't resist :oops: so now I have a new member in the family. They're both Mexican, but with the price point and the quality, I say Viva la Mexico.
By nocnyptak
I love in my chofner Violin Bass, ie imported from Germany but obviously cheaper version of Hofner (probably imported from East Ch-lands or may be just a by product of Hofner's, who knows). First thing I equipped it with lovely flatwound LaBella Deep Talkin' bass strings and for my needs it is just enough. You can play really smooth and it gives a lot of joy.

This is a bit vintage type of instrument but I love it as it is - I am probably getting vintage myself when I see my preferences these days, haha. I am a peaceful person and have no needs for sharp sounds etc that modern instruments generate these days... Sir Paul is still alive :-)

This is not an image of my chofner bass but it looks similar:

By Kendoji
Oof, so after my first year of Yousician on guitar I've decided to go all-instruments for another year, and just picked up a bass. :mrgreen: Literally never touched a bass before in my life (just like I'd never picked up an electric guitar until a year ago). Went for an affordable one that a bassist colleague of mine recommended, the Ibanez SR300EB (love those catchy Ibanez product names!).
By lemonknope
Ibanez GSR200B, my first bass and she's lovely :) Loving the matte walnut finish.
By RedHotFuzz
Custom specced and assembled (by me) Warmoth 32" medium scale. Chambered ash body. Ebony fretboard on maple. EMG Geezer Butler P/J pickups. Mmm mmm good!


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