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By kyrosteinius
ylly wrote:@kyrosteinius how challenging is it to play fretless?
Because of this one and the white stripes on the fretboard which are very helpful to learn, I have a lot of fun and I feel confortable. The greatest challenge for me is to play thicker strings. I don't use a pick and the strength you have to use to play with each hand is difficult. I can't play a long time before cramps appear.

To summarize, I think it would be very hard on an another fretless bass without the stripes.

The good point comparing to guitar is that I'm caring much more about the sound of the note while on guitar I'm caring about the fret.

By Raphque
A Sapphire Blue Ibanez SR370e and a Brown Mahogany SR505.
One for practicing @ home, one for playing around during spare time in my office.

By Carlo Alcos
Cool to see so many Ibanezes...I have an SR600. I first owned a Warwick Rockbass which I liked, but quickly traded it in when I tried the Ibanez in the music shop. It's super comfortable to play and it's relatively lightweight, and I love the look of it.
By Colourman
Just bought a slightly used G & L L-2000 with a Fender Rumble 40.
Could I suggest a new qustion? I heard some say yes so I'll proceed.
How do you connect to Yousician?
I use the ipad version with the line out from the amp plugged into and iRig which runs into my DAB radio. I can hear myself through the amp (which i think is important) and hear what I'm playing along to from the DAB.
By frsallie
Squier Affinity Precision, D'Addario ECB81 XL Chromes (flatwound), foam mute
Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz, Stock Round Wounds
Epiphone Viola, LaBella 760FHBB (flatwound)


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