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By ChaosKevin
Have any of you played this bass? I have been playing around with a guitar and Uke for a while now and am interested in trying a little bass. The short scale seems like it would be immediately comfortable after playing a 24 fret guitar. $180 new seems cheap based on the reviews that I have read. Just looking for some opinions.
By Dudeistmonk
I have not played it but from a few friends I have heard they prefer the Squier Jaguar short scale bass over it. The Jaguar comes in both short and long scale. Try both and see which one is for you.
By Aaron Rupe
this is the bass I have.. and I love it... (and not just because, my wife surprised me with it,. birthday before last).. it's very comfortable to play.. It is a little bit smaller and even seems a touch lighter than my Ibanez SA160 guitar..

hadn't really played too many other basses more than just a little., so I can't really compare it to anything else.. but this one is a perfect fit for me...

here it is in action :D
By ChaosKevin
Hey and thanks for the replies. I haven't been on the forum in a while.

I borrowed my nephews bass instead of making the investment in one. Its a Peavey Milestone IV. After playing it some, I think a small scale is the way to go since this will be my alternate instrument. My primary focus will be on electric guitar and I think the fret spacing on a 3/4 has to be closer to that of a guitar.

2 to 5 is a bit of a reach for me on guitar, on a full scale bass its a position shift.

Still not 100% sure I will stick with bass playing. I will see how long it takes for my nephew to ask for this one back. He just bought an acoustic so it may be a while. :D

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