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By RedHotFuzz
For me it's simple: NOTATION, NOTATION, NOTATION!!! Chasing colored dots is great for building muscle memory but it's doing absolutely nothing for me for actually LEARNING MUSIC!!! Throw that staff above the colored note highway and let me read actual notes (and learn correct counting) while still being able to refer to the "tab" (colored dots) below when needed. I haven't been able to convince myself to spend the money on Yousician when I already have a colored dot chaser (Rocksmith) that costs me nada each month.

Add notation and it's a whole different story. Come on Yousician, this can't be that hard to add!!!

Also, some sort of family plan would be great too. I play bass, my son plays guitar. But what happens when I want to do some guitar stuff? I don't want to pick up where he left off - I want my own path. At the same time, I don't want to pay for two full subscriptions.

A few other niggles make me hesitant. Why do I have to change the audio input from Internal Microphone to iRig every single time I use the program? Why can't it remember? Why do I often get a mic volume indicator on the screen even when I've set it to iRig input? And why can't I navigate the interface with my keyboard? Let me hit Space or Return to continue - don't make me fumble for the mouse and click the Continue button. Ugh.

Anything else keeping you on the sidelines and not committing to a paid Yousician subscription?
By Antmax
Most people use tabs to play guitar. It's unusual for people to use notation and doesn't fit naturally with the guitar.
Other than that. There is a lot missing from Yousician if you only try the free version. There is a lot more incentive to play with premium because there is so much more to do and many extra ways to get motivated.

Being able to load a tab into guitar pro and record a backing track using it's soundbanks. Export a backing track with the guitar part I'm playing with lowered volume or muted completely and then importing both into yousician takes a relatively short time.

Rocksmith is just rockband with a guitar and doesn't even try and use regular tab conventions. If you don't like the colors don't use them. They are there as a guide and often wrong. Ignore the ball thing and just play to the rhythm.

In the end you only get as much as you put in. I really like the weekly challenge and having being followed and having followers to compete against. Whenever I get notified that one of my buddies has overtaken me on the leaderboard, it makes me want to go back and play that song better.

There's tons of things that you miss out on if you just play the free version. When I had free I would only be able to play a couple of lessons before time ran out. Or I would have to play the same lesson and reset before it finished over and over for hours.

In the end it just comes down to whether your willing to spend $10 - $20 a month or not. Considering that a subscription is the price of taking my wife out to dinner a couple of times at a mid price restaurant, I think its a bargain, there are far worse things to have to spend your money on. Plus I have improved a lot more than I would have on my own or with expensive lessons once a week. Something I really don't have the time for and can't easily afford.

If you want to learn the theory side of music, you might be better off studying some books and lectures online.
By ylly
In short Nothing!

It is worth the money.

You should find yourself a teacher for your son and for yourself and see how much you learn, and pay in a year and how flexible that system is to 'jumping on board a different instrument class', practicing with feedback and so on.

I do not experience the issue with settings resetting at all. I am using paid guitar subscription and trying out ukulele for free at the moment. Guitar using my Windows computer, ukulele on my Mac. I was actually surprised to see both devices, although using the same account, remember the instrument I used on it.

Yousician doesn't have to replace a human being teacher, it is a great addition to regular lessons because your practice session will most likely be longer compared to playing music from a book or sheet of paper.

For me it is a great way to get the hang of playing an instrument, practicing whenever I want, wherever I want, perfect.

The only downside for me is that it is highly addictive, I have other stuff to do too :)
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