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By Carlo Alcos
I assume there will be new levels added, but wondering if anyone's heard anything? (I posted the below in another thread but am impatient so thought I might get more response in a new thread...)

I have a few days left of my free trial and I'm debating whether or not to continue. I've been playing bass for a few years now, consider myself a solid intermediate, and have played on stage a half dozen times (including paid gigs). That said, I have a block that I'm trying to get past...I've tried private lessons and a DVD set (Roy Vogt's Teach Me Bass Guitar), neither of which are doing a lot for my improvement...the tutors don't seem to be able to know how to approach me because I'm mostly self-taught and already have some good skills, but I have gaps that prevent me from progressing to where I want to go (mainly better improvising in jam situations).

Anyway, after a few days of playing with Yousician on the free trial I'm about to unlock level 4. I see there are only 5 levels at this point. I'm sure they will be adding more as time goes on, but why should I pay $120 for a year if I run out of levels and aren't at my level yet? I know there are song challenges and a couple other features with the premium plan, but is it really worth it to not have the higher levels?

I've found the app a lot of fun to play thing I've been trying to do is learn the fretboard. I really don't want to sit there and try to memorize where all the notes are...I've found with Yousician when you set it to show the notes instead of the numbers that it's a great way to lock this in with enough practice.

I know I need to practice the dry stuff more (scales, patterns, etc) and I feel like this is a fun way to do it and I actually want to do it...which will ultimately make me better.

I am in the same situation. I-m finishing my free trial tomorrow and just finished level 5 right now. There is nothing else yet.
I guess one can try to play the challenges and try to get better scores, but I'm not sure about it either.
Let's see what they say about new levels.

Take care and keep on rocking!
Yeah it's too bad...when I was progressing I was using the app almost every single day, but since I finished level 5, apart from using it a few times after to try out the challenges, I haven't really opened it up at all. Let's see those new levels! :)
By ylly
Keep in mind, finishing the levels is not exactly the same as mastering the things taught in those levels. You, however, are the only judge of that, unless you care to share a vid of you playing.

For pro bass players the missions may be too easy. There is the option to add your own songs, so you can practice those with Yousician's feedback.
Otherwise I would cancel the free trial. Play some more on a free account, see if you miss the features you had access to.
By RedHotFuzz
It would be great if Yousician would communicate more with its customer base. What are they working on? Are new instruments in the works? Is new content for existing instruments in the works? Are they working on new features based on customer suggestions or common complaints?
ylly wrote:Keep in mind, finishing the levels is not exactly the same as mastering the things taught in those levels.
For sure. I wouldn't move on from a song unless I had all gold stars or maybe one missing gold star. I'm far from being a pro player but level 5/6 seems to be about my skill level before I started. I didn't learn anything new really, was just a matter of learning the songs. The most useful aspect for me actually was setting it to was really helping me learn the fretboard better and start to memorize the notes.
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