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By semperidem
Hello everyone, I'm having some issues acing the last part of Crowded Space: I already aced the following sections (blues & pop) but this one is getting me crazy. My problem come after the two whole notes of the start, when you have to rapidly descend from d to a to e string (2-0,2-0,0): I always get an error on the last two "0" notes, the a and the e. The tuning is right and it only happens here. I thought the "B" note (the 2 on the A) is covering the following "A" (0 on the A) but I have no way to stop that note so fast. And the comes super fast the E note. There's some techique I'm missing here ? I always impose myself to ace all the sections in Yousician and this tiny part is driving me nuts :)
Thanks a lot ! ;)
By ylly
Do you use indexfinger and middlefinger to pluck the strings?
Did you try in practice mode as well?

I think you are right about it being related to muting.
Don't have my bass at hand right now, but I assume you play 2 with indexfinger, 0 with middlefinger, then play 0 with indexfinger and while doing that, get your fretting hand ready for the next 2 mute the still ringing 0 by putting your finger slighty on the string.

To get more input you could subscribe to the Yousician Friends group on facebook. Someone might even be willing to show you how it is done in a selfrecorded vid.
By semperidem
Thank you man, I subbed to both groups. I'm gonna try again with your tips: maybe I also have to check again the videos about muting string. My main issue lies with muting the 2-0 sequence on the A string, cause it's very fast. If would be playing a 2 after a 0, the higher pitch would take care of that, but being the opposite I still have that 2 resonating: but I'll try in slow mode to see what I'm doing wrong, thanks ! :)
By RedHotFuzz
This song is a pain in the butt to master only because the program struggles to recognize those quick notes at the end of each string transition even when played correctly. I finally mastered it by using a pick and picking the crap out of that string with exaggerated strength/volume. It finally worked, though it sounded stupid.

It's technological issues like these that I feel are detrimental to becoming a better musician, but alas, it's where things are with Yousician right now.
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