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By StephanRegli
Dear all.
I found out that youtube songs are completely asynchronus compared to the tab.
One clear example is "mother" from Pink Floyd.
I am using yousician premium on my computer. Does anyone knows a solution?
I only started with yousician this week, like it very much.
By nocnyptak
Tabs are mostly created or transcribed by different people 9sometimes pro sometimes not) so it is no surprise that you tube version may be in different tempo etc. When you work on the tab in Song Creator look for Autosync command under notes icon. You can also do manual sync - which is extremely time consuming but some players do use it to make you tube vids playable.
By nocnyptak
By the way, if you want just to play along you tube vid you can use Detect melody or Detect chords command to create exercise.

If you want a background track for your tabs, consider creating audio track uploaded to your dropbox or soundcloud. We had experience when you tube blocked certain vids and Yousician was unable to load that song at all - so in fact it was a song lost. If you spent a few hours syncing it properly such loss is really painful...

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