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Hi everybody,

I really appreciate the fact I can go the "Songs" section and actually play a part of a real song, but I'd strongly advice the Yousician team to pay attention to the quality management. Right now about 95% of the songs there are terrible quality or simply wrong. Does somebody check them before making those pieces of crap available? If not I'd say it's a crime.
Hi there

You probably have in mind users uploads. It is great feature that you can upload songs of your choice or just use you tube link to create exercise but it certainly carries risk of many erratic attempts present in Syllabus. Rating sometimes may help - and over 4 usually indicates decent upload.

Yousician tried to make Syllabus tidy and encouraged collaboration so that community could fix what is fixable and remove what is utter rubbish but that didn't work as expected.

If you have any good idea how to make syllabus tidy you can post your suggestion to Yousician uservoice/feedback forum.

Yousician originals are described as THE YOUSICIANS so these are quality songs.

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