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By TonyKale
Hi there,

With Yousician, I'm using Scarlett Solo Audio interface with my bass plugged directly to it and then two monitor speakers.

However, I would like to use my Markbass Mini CMD 151 J.B amp at the same time. How do I do that?

Is it just a matter of getting a mic, placing it in front of the amp and connecting it to the mic input in the Scarlett Solo?

If so, could anyone recommend a mic that is not too expensive but would serve the purpose?

Many thanks
By pktracey
That amp has an XLR line out, so you do not need an ABY switch.

Just run the bass into the amp and run a cable from the XLR out to the interface and make sure you select "line" rather than "instrument."

I think you could also run a line from the FX send (if you aren't using the FX loop) or the tuner send.
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