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Listen to a song during first time

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:55 am
by koomikko
I have been steadily progressing with my bass skills and have been unlocking new typically previously unknown songs as I go. I would propose that Yousician app suggests the user to carefully listen to a new song when it is made available for the first time. Obviously this would need to be an optional suggestion for those who immediately want to try to perform the song. I do know that it is possible just to listen to the song through the practice mode, but I would argue that it would be pedagogically more effective if that was suggested during the first time by the app. Even when I know that the listen option is there, I tend to try to play along immediately from the first time even though I have no idea how the song goes -- and therefore end up sounding just horrible playing along the notes per visual cues rather than based on the music itself.

Even better if: the first time listening would be accompanied with some textual commentary what the learner should be looking out for / listening for. "Pay attention to this riff here", "and now we go back to the chorus", "this bit you may want to practice with a slower tempo first to get it right", "note how this is the same riff but an octave higher". Or what ever. Think about how you would do it with a real guitar teacher.