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By whupaul
Hi all

I've appeared to unlock bass to level 6 but it won't open up any more 'missions'. Has level 6 been released yet or is it work in progress?
By BrunoC6
Hi whupaul,

Unfortunately Bass level 6 is not available yet.

You can find level 6 (and higher) songs both on Weekly Challenges and under the "Songs" tab, though. Have fun!
By Dudeistmonk
is there an ETA as to when more bass levels will be available?
By Dudeistmonk
there are many songs in the songs tab that go past level 6. Also, the weekly challenges are good and it seems like there are plans to extend the bass lessons further.
By Colourman
Just upgraded to the full Yousi package to find that I've hit my bass playing peak at lvl 5. Please add more lessons soon or I'll feel a bit cheated. :geek: :twisted:
By Gordo26
Soo according to the post is only a level 6 on bass I just bought the year plan this is definitely not good !!!!! :cry:
By RedHotFuzz
BrunoC6 wrote:Hi whupaul,

Unfortunately Bass level 6 is not available yet.
How about 8 months later??? :(

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