Having difficulties with Yousician Bass? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Raphque
There seems to be a serious problem with Yousician's tuning (for bass).
When I tune a bass with my Korg CA-40 chromatic tuner, or with Garageband's tuner, or with some other tuning method, tuning is off in Yousician, and I get tuning warnings.
I tried with 2 different Ibanez Soundgear basses, connected to my Mac with Apogee Jam 96k or the Steinberg UR22 USB interfaces.
When I tune with Yousician, I have to lower all strings, and I no longer get bad tuning warnings.
But then I have the impression that the tuning is off compared to the backing tracks.
This can't be right, no? Is this a known issue? Can I do something to solve this?
By Antmax
I don't play bass. But I have the same problem with regular guitar. How much off is Yousician Bass tuner compared to your hardware tuners?

When I tune to 4/5 different guitar tuners, they all agree with one another. When I then check in yousician all my strings show as being +2 sharp.

I know it's not off by a huge amount, but it is noticeable and yousician tuning sounds lightly out of tune to the backing track. Enough that you subconsciously feel it is off.

It's been like this for months. Here's a pic I took back in May. It's still the same. Only now it also tells you + or - a number.

By Raphque
Hi Antmax, thanks for your reply.
Indeed. +2 sharp... And you hear it while playing. It's all just a little bit off.
I think it's strange that an app "Trusted by 25 million people" still has this issue.
Isn't there somewhere we can report this bug? I cannot believe that no one else has this.

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