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By gutichan

I've been researching this topic both on this forum and the one on guitar and couldn't find anything.

Is it possible to play with headphones? What I'd like to do is to practise withouth bothering the rest of the familyh.

How would the connection be?. I haven't been able to figure it out. I even tried using my Xenyx Q802 Mixer, but haven't been able to find the right configuration.

Anyone has archieved it?

PS: Don't know if it is relevant, but just in case I have a Mac.

By Refractions
Just plug your headphones into the headphone jack on your mac and in the Yousicain pause screen - you will notice a speaker icon - click this and set the built in amp to your volume liking.

I am also using a Mac and just have a pair of wireless headphones along with a iRig2.

By gutichan
Hi Iain, thanks for the reply.

If you plug the headphones into the jack, how does Yousician hear the notes you are playing? Where have you placed the iRig2? is it between the instrument and the mac? or is it after the mac?

By Refractions
Hi, the iRig2 plugs in via USB or lightning connector, you then just plug your headphones into the headphone socket.

Even if you had something like an iRig1 - you should be using the MIC socket on your MAC - which still leaves the headphone socket free.

By Carlo Alcos
I'm using an M-Audio 2-channel USB interface. In the app I can set the input to it and the app hears the bass fine, and I can hear the bass through headphones that are plugged into the M-Audio. But the music comes only from the laptop. I wish the app had a way to select the output device. I tried switching the Mac sound settings to have the output go to the M-Audio (you can see it in there) but it just plays through the laptop regardless what I choose there. If I plug the headphones into the Mac instead of the M-Audio I just get the music from the app, but then can't hear the bass.

Am I missing something? Is it possible with my set up?
By gutichan
Do you hear both the music and the bass with that setup? I've connected the bass through a USB interface and but when I use the headphones only hear the music, not the intrument.

I've tried the similar approach with my usb Xenyx 802Q with no sucess.

Anyone else?

By Refractions
If you pause or go into practice mode on Yousician you should see a little speaker icon at the top of the screen.

Click this and you will get the option of various built-in amps - using these, you will hear Yousician and your Bass sound through your headphones :)

By gutichan
Iain, that was briliant! that is exactly what I was missing!

So, my setup (in case anyone has the same need) on a PC. You need an external audio interface (USB, for example) and setup yousician so that the input is such interface. Output is going to be the headphone Jack (which should be automatically selected when plugging them in).

And, as Iaian said, you have to setup the virtual amp by playing in pratice mode, pause it and click on the small speaker button. Select the amp and increase both volume and drive (I had to crank mine really high) and, voila! you can practise as much as your fingers can take it while hearing everything on your headphones.

By Carlo Alcos
Aha! Cool, thanks! With this method though you can really hear the latency, at least on my setup. There's a fairly significant delay in what the app hears...no wonder it keeps telling me my timing's a bit off when I know I'm on. Any thoughts on how to address that?
By Refractions
Hi Carlos,

What setup do you have?

Windows, MAC, Android or IOS?

What interface are you using to connect guitar?


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