Having difficulties with Yousician Bass? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Carlo Alcos
Computer: 15" Macbook Pro retina, OSX (El Capitan).

Interface: M-Audio M-Track (2-channels) USB interface

If I plug my headphones into the interface I hear the bass perfect, but I can only hear the app music through the laptop speaker...so I can have one ear off the headphones and do it like that, but that's a bit annoying. When I tried your fix and plugged the headphones into the laptop I hear everything through the headphones but the bass is delayed.

I'm thinking this is something with the app because there's no delay at all when I record in Garageband, so it's not a physical set up thing.

I've also done it just using the laptop mic without the USB interface, and plugged into an amp, and that's fine, the timing seems pretty good.
By Carlo Alcos
Oh hey, I fixed it...it was because I had chosen the Pop amp for whatever reason...using the clean amp works great. Thanks again for pointing this out!
By Tescot
Depending on how Yousician is set up (sometime you can hear your instrument through the computer and sometimes not) I usually do this when practicing guitar at night.
Using a practice amp:
Plug my guitar into the amp as usual,
Plug my headphones into the amp as usual,
Connect my computer headphone jack to my practice amp's CD/phone input jack.

I then only hear through my headphones and control the computer volume through on the computer, and the guitar volume on the guitar (once I have found the right balance between the two).

Hope this helps!


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