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By PanicTwentyFOB
I need specific fingering for a concert. I can’t have any devices with me when practicing. I need to know C minor, A flat major7, B flat, D, E flat, A flat, C, D minor7, and G7.
I have a concert in less than a month and two songs. I’m new to bass but I play regular guitar. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
By nocnyptak
Not sure what exactly problem you have. You can google bass chords fingering or install app for your phone for easy learning. There is loads of apps available, for example I paid for Chords app on Android because it provides chords for all instruments and gives a reverse search option too (there is also free limited version).

Depending on the context you can use different fingering in different situations. Obviously, you need to memorize them and phone app may help you.

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