Having difficulties with Yousician Bass? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By jodelle dougher
Hello all,
U was told by yousician to write on the fourm. I'm looking for an telephone number to call to cancel. This sucks app sucks. In here to oesrb to play an bass not to play an video game. First appointment very rarely works. I play through adpeg svt and says not lound enough. Lol ok what ever app. It also always clitches. I been stuck this wingman pluck for monthes. I asked techer and they not not an beginner leasson. It also don't play normally like thst. Inly teaching me to getted upset. I don't even no the name of the notes this app doesn't tell you this. That should he your basic lesson. I'm just htibg stung like in Guitar Heri. I have tired emaibg them many times and messaging them they keep on upgrading let. I only have an bass I don't want to play piano. I don't have to room for it an apartment. Now the least is they upgrade me from 9.99 to 44.95 an month to play piano, Hass and ubklale. I don't think so. Stop throwing me bones I don't want them. I want theory and this has no theory. Don't advertise yourseof like Scott's bass leasons your not. Can anyone help?

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