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By lobozone
sonicboom1 wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:05 am
Hello, I downloaded the app on my HP laptop, for some reason when I attempt to open it it'll initialize but will not open. Anyone having the same issue or have some tips?
I've got a chromebook and more or less it's the same problem, I can't log in after writing username and the password, the app stops
By jimawe
So... you are going to stubbornly cling to the horrible light color scheme for piano? How tough can it be to turn on dark blue that you use in practice mode. Makes no sense.
By dan bethel
I as well have a Chromebook and the app was working fine until this update and it will not load. I can get to the login page and login then it freezes up. I cannot figure out a way to get the older version. Can someone please help with this?
By cuvtixo
Another request for linux please!!! Surely if MacOS AND Chrome are supported, Linux can too. Chrome is built off a Gentoo linux base, so....
By coe42tar
I am new to Yousician. I downloaded a few days ago the 3.0 version on my iphone and started playing level 0 (free version). Now I have all lessons/songs with gold stars (30/30). How do I move forward? I believe my syllabus is not right. I don't have a skills test option anywhere and if I want to unlock level 1 I am asked to subscribe to premium, I cannot find another way around. I also noticed watching online videos of users that somewhere after level 1 I should have the three paths option, but I don't.

Also, It would be nice to have a step-by-step manual for beginners!

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