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By cleeebass
anton.ys wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:42 am
cleeebass wrote:
Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:05 am
when I go to the HOME screen are about FOUR Premium+ songs for me to choose from. Where are the rest of them in the list that the person above posted? How do I get to them? There is no side scrolling.
Hey! Side scrolling is actually there. On desktop you would have to press on the row and then move it to the left, on mobile you just need to swipe to the side. Moreover, we have just released version 2.57 (already out on desktop, coming to mobile shortly) and there you'll see a "see more" button that you can use to see the complete list of famous songs.

You can also use the search (top right corner) to search for any specific song or for songs on some levels using the filter.

I hope this helps!
I can't get side scrolling to work. I don't know what "Press on the row" means but using the arrow does nothing on my Mac, and clicking on any of the songs in the row opens that song. Clicking More brings up an alphabetical list of all of the songs available. That means that I have to scroll through that entire list, read every song title and try to remember whether or not I have seen this song listed before to determine what has been added since last time I was here. That's insane. As for searching, that's nice if you have something in mind but if you want to browse the list of songs that are available sorted by date added, there's no way to do that. Not helpful.
I am really upset that i lost every songs ive create and others created.
Why you disable this option ?
There is nothing to do now... :evil:
Ive already paying each month, (its already too expensive) and now you re asking for more money, offering less.
By sakujo1
rmaschion wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:54 am
I had premium before and subscribed again. Where is the play any songs now? It is gone??? That was the main reason I subscribed again...

what are you guys thinking?
You think you can get away with premium? Nu uh, you need premium+ for all songs access. God help before it gets season passes and song lootboxes. It was such a nice project, did yousician guys get a new management or felt the taste of cash. Who knows...
By y4bass
Yeah... Depends where you live. I upgraded to premium+ during a travel to the US seeing all the new songs. And When I went back home (another country), nothing ! Probably copyright problem, but a big fat warning based on the user main location would be nice.
And I share the opinion of many on this thread: having lost the ability to create our own song is really bad (understatement here, I am being polite). Application and/or subscription upgrades are supposed to make the service delivered better !!! For me, app AND subscription upgrade gave me -1 to my level (10 to 9), no new songs, and lost songs created... What is going on ???
If you are facing copyright problems with the music industry that led to all these nasty changes, be clear about that and please stop misleading paying customers.
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