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Yousician now supports standard notation for string instruments! We are excited, not only because this has been one of the top 3 features most requested by users, but because it is a good skill to learn for well-rounded musicians.


Of course, we know that some of you will want to stick with tablature, while others will want to learn, practice, and master standard notation. So, we've made it nice and easy to choose the notation view that suits your goals, and to change views whenever you need. To use standard notation for guitar, bass or ukulele, change the view in the Pause menu to 'Sheet'. You can cycle between tablature, tab with note names added, tab with note names only, and tab with standard notation above it (labeled 'Sheet').

This is the first version of standard notation which we want to get into the hands of both self-learners and music teachers sooner rather than later. We already have a long list of further improvements we wish to make in future updates. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. This is the best way to make sure your voice is heard as we continue to improve and refine this much requested feature.

Note: This feature is currently available on PC and Mac only. Other platforms will follow soon!
This is great news!
Please also consider a mode showing the entire sheet music at once (like real sheet music, so to speak)
instead of the "moving from right to left" score.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you very much for implementing this feature. It's a huge help to me, since I'm a professional classical musician learning a tabbed instrument for the first time. Having the standard notation clears up questionable rhythms which are very imprecise in the tablature.

One followup request --- I'm used to viewing note names in my tabs instead of numbers, but the new standard notation feature switches them back to fret numbers. Could you add an option to view standard notation along with note names in the tabs? Maybe just keep the current tab display options, but have a button to toggle standard notation on and off.

Thanks again. I'm thrilled to see Yousician developing so quickly.
Just awesome... I'm little afraid so that for fast pieces there are not enough notes visible at the same time but as beginner I'm not very worried yet :lol:

As someone pointed out ... it might be good if later you could arrange the notation in a line wise kind underneath each other. That way you can already see what is coming, because only 3 bars in a row looks very cramped. For example 2- 3 lines underneath each having each 4-5 bars sounds better to me. Of course with automatic scrolling but so that you read left to right and at the end the line underneath goes one up and you start reading again from left to right.

Or simply make it possible to decrease the size of the fretboard and display more bars in on line instead

What does soon mean ? I'm eagerly waiting for the iOS release ! :D
I am happy to hear that this functionality is being implemented. I had stopped using Yousician because the standard notation was not available in the iPad app. I am not likely to really use Yousician again until the iOS update is available because I don't usually practice at my computer desk. Please let me know once the iOS app is fully functional.

I also agree with many of the comments already posted especially the one about being able to see more measures at a time. I use an 12.9" iPad Pro, which has plenty of space for more measures.
I am delighted sheet mode arrived at last - thank you so much to everybody involved!!!

I wrote on facebook but I will repeat here: if it is possible to improve a little bit I would really like to have options

1) Sheet mode only (no tab view).
2) Sheet & Tab view (as it is now)
3) fret view as we have it
4) fret & notes view as we have it

Sheet & Tab view (as it is now) calls for last chosen fret or fret&notes tab view (I would mostly like to see fret and notes but some people use notes view on their tabs only).

Thanks so much! It marks new era in Yousician life :-)

Great to see this new addition, I have been eagerly waiting for it and am just starting to use it.

I wondered if the tab and bars could be made to align so they scroll at the same rate?
Can we have the option for note names rather than fret numbers in this view?
Could we hide the tab entirely?

Many thanks
Wow. Nicely done. Would be even nicer if you could still choose note names or fret#'s or both in the fret display while also displaying the staff. With note names we could better begin associating note names with their corresponding staff positions.
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