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The sheet music notation is exciting for me and I signed up right away for Premium! May I just ask you for a small improvement there? I would like to see the feedback on the music notes showing me if I played the right note and its correct duration. For example, the notes could change color to green when I play the note correctly and red when not. Can you please implement that? Thank you!
If your daughter is not happy to play some of hundreds other users songs plus weekly challenges (52 week x 4 songs = 208 new songs a year) you can send your request to support@yousician.com. Make sure you write details (username etc).

By the way, I heard that a lot of new bass content is ready to go for us in 2017 so better ask kindly when exactly they are going to implement new content before you cancel. It may be pretty soon.
mjame wrote:Hi my daughter has got to level 6 on the bass now what? We have paid for a year subscription, she is bored and we have only used this program for a month. It was accidental that we got a year subscription. Can I get a partial refund.? kind regards Alex James rumball24@gmail.com. disappointed
Of course I have no idea of your daughter's talents and skills, but reaching level 6 is not exactly the same as mastering the levels. As has been mentioned, there are 4 new songs in the challenge section every week, and if your daughter has only been working on this for a month then there are plenty of songs available from earlier challenges. Check out the songs->challenges section and browse history.

If your daughter is old enough, and maybe already has a facebook account, you could point her to the Yousician Friends group. Over 1000 enthusiastic Yousician users who are doing a pretty good job at keeping eachother motivated. We are all stuck or bored at some point.
I missed the announcement for this, but I am so happy! Not only is it good for my ukulele learning but it also means that I can now play along to Yousician with my concertina! I was already doing that a bit in the Piano track but only by inputting my own songs. But the uke and concertina have a similar common range, so this is great!!!
I'm very close to getting a subscription, and the notation feature is a big deciding factor. I'm just starting out, but have enabled it already.
The tabs are great for finger training, but it's easy to just follow them like a video game without thinking, and thereby not really learning much. Following the notation is a great way to force yourself to learn the fretboard.

I agree with other commenters that it'd be nice to see the note name on the tab when the notation is enabled.

Someone mentioned displaying the notation an entire page at a time. I agree that would be helpful. Perhaps even add a moving cursor bar (sort of like Songsterr). Even being able to print out the sheet would be great.
Hi, thanks for adding this feature.

I believe the biggest reason most users like Yousician is because of their feedback. That would be nice having a feedback on the sheet music instead of the fretboard. Or perhaps, hide the fretboard and only shows the feedback (after play correct and/or wrong).

An app that does that pretty well is the SimplyPiano.

I agreed with the cursor from Songsterr which is similar to Musescore as well.

I'm finding this really useful as I'm learning to read music while playing guitar melodies. However I notice on level 5 that there isn't any indication in Standard notation of where hammer-ons and pull-offs should be used. You have to turn on Std+Tab in order to see them. I would like to see hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides all notated in Standard notation as described in this article under Articulations.

Yes please, hammer-ons and pull-offs indications should be included in the standard notation mode too. Other than that this feature is incredibly useful to those that want to learn or drill their sight-reading skills. Thanks for the great work!!
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