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Dear Yousician for Linux users,

After careful consideration we've come to the painful decision to discontinue support for Linux starting from Yousician version 2.44.

Even though it was hard, we had to make this tough choice for a set of reasons. You might have already noticed that Linux hasn't been the top priority for us in terms of platform support and was increasingly falling behind, e.g. MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Linux users currently represent 0.1% of the whole Yousician user base, and while every user matters to us, we decided to get our engineers focused on features that will benefit wider audience.

Please don't worry: nothing will happen to your Yousician account. We value you and your progress, and you will be able to continue your musical journey using a MacOS, Windows, iOS or Android device. In case you don't have a device supported by Yousician or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support.

What happens next? Version 2.43 (planned release date is by the end of February) will be the last version with support for Linux operating systems. After that, you will be able to use the app up until the middle of April. Then, Yousician Launcher will show the message "Linux version of Yousician is discontinued", and Yousician will not launch anymore.

Thanks to all Yousician for Linux users for your support so far! We hope to see you jamming and scoring in the future.

-- Your Yousician team
Well, this is pants :(. I might invest in a micro HDMI to at least plug my phone into a larger screen.

No chance of ever seeing a browser/Electron version? That would have to be the easiest thing to do if you were worried about splitting development effot across multiple platforms.
I don't think going Electron/HTML is going to help them much. What they're already using, Unity3D is very cross-platform as it is. I suspect what's costing them in terms of development effort is all the stuff that's not part of either Unity or whatever else they'd choose to build on, such as low level audio integration and the like.
anton.ys wrote:After careful consideration we've come to the painful decision to discontinue support for Linux starting from Yousician version 2.44
Even though I'm not currently a Linux user, I'd like to ask you to reconsider. They may only represent a tiny fraction of Yousician's user base, but Linux users tend to be vocal and relatively well informed. The fact that Yousician is available cross-platform is one of it's great strengths, and dropping support for any platform sounds like a bad move to me.

I'm really sad about Yousician discontinuing the Linux support. I really wish you'd reconsider...

Personally, I'm a Linux lover and you'll only take my Linux from my cold, dead hands.

Would Yousician continue Linux support if Linux community members were to step in to help out?

With all best wishes,

I'm sad. :-( I know I have no right whatsoever to complain - I'm just using the free tier - but I just discovered the Linux client by accident last week.

I've used Yousician on my Android phone for the past couple of months, and had no idea a Linux client even existed. Now I've used it for the past week or so, and it is just so much better than using my phone in many ways. It seems more accurate both for timing and detecting chords (better microphone, perhaps), and it's much easier to see and follow along on a nice big laptop screen than on a tiny phone display. Not to mention I kept pulling the phone off the table with the earphone cord.

I was so happy, and now it's going away :-(
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