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I was just about to hop back into a paid membership with yousician but stumbled across this again.

You guys are losing out on money.

You should release some way that it can be open source or part open source for the public to make the linux version work. But like others have said it was already working fine, why discontinue something that works just fine??

Also I dont understand why you have to shut everyone down who already has the linux app by forcing them off the platform.

I have an adroid phone with no way of connecting my guitar to it properly, the app sucks without a proper input the microphone does not pick up electric guitars well at all.

I use a proper I/O focusrite on my PC, this is sad news indeed.

Will be moving to a competitor now.

Companies having linux support is what makes them amazing in my opinion, and what drives linux to become more popular

Also if it works on MAC it basically works on LINUX because MAC is UNIX.

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