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I am shocked to read this blog, as I am a Mac user and is my only home computer. I am not changing that, and I am sure I am not the only one in that boat. I do have a Samsung tab A, and it is not capable of handling your app as it shows me loading screen without ever loading an app.
So, just as I started to get better at my guitar lessons, I read this post. Hope enough Linux users speak up for you to reconsider this move.
The app is great, and my old version was working fine, including the video. With the latest update, I was unable to see the video, only sound.
I am not a computer geek, but discontinuing to use linux means I wont be able to use the app on my laptop??? If so, I will be very unhappy because like someone else said it is so much more pleasurable playing off a big screen than my android phone.
Please explain if the app will still work on a laptop after changes are made.

Hey Ken! Thanks for your question.

The answer really depends on the type of operating system you're using on your PC. Most common operating systems are Windows and MacOS, and Yousician will still be available for those. If you're however using some Linux distributive (e.g. Ubuntu), then unfortunately Yousician launcher will be discontinued there by mid-April.

Yevgenii-the-great, adding to my answer above, you don't actually need to worry since you're using a Mac, which is running on MacOS. The discontinuation notice only concerns Linux operating systems.

I hope this clears it up!
This is a real bummer!! I choose Yousician in the first place because it could run natively on Linux.

I tried to run the app in Windoze as a guest under VirtualBox on my Linux host but the video tearing makes it unusable. I lost too many hours trying to optimise and tweak that set up to no avail. I am a bit desperate because, quite frankly, I am addicted to Yousician.

I appreciate your rationale for discontinuing the Linux version but would it be too much to ask that you validate a viable alternative using some virtualisation platform and post it here. This would go a long way to support your loyal customers operating systems with a Linux distro without forcing them to move over to another OS.

I've been enjoying Yousician on Linux and I'm definitely sad this has happened. It's just not the same playing using my (android) phone.

I was just trying to install yousician on my second (Linux) computer and trying to figure out why I was getting an osX .dmg download instead of what I was expecting.
Well, I haven't seen this announcement before and today I was greeted with "Yousician does not support Linux anymore".

So now I have to boot into Windows every time I want to use the app. Obviously this sucks!

The main problem I have is that I don't find the Android version very usable either! The Android version was never very accurate when it comes to measuring the timing of my picking or strumming, at least not on my current device and the one before that. I had to run "Latency calibration" again and again, sometimes that helped, but never for a long time.

I contacted support about this and they wrote back that "It does look like some devices change the latency and the information is never sent to the apps, including Yousician. This is why you may need to calibrate the app more than one time during the same session. I agree this is not ideal and apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately no workaround is available for this problem."

Linux was the alternative that worked very well for me and now that alternative is gone.
I am really disappointed, i have just a Linux PC and an old smartphone, not capable of running the app. Now i can`t use Yousician anymore.
Why not leave the old Version running. It would be better for me to use an old Version than to have nothing.
:cry: :x

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