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I hope this is not a permanent decision. Obviously we don't know much extra work it meant for Yousician engineers to maintain a Linux version, but if they can streamline their development process even more, then (hopefully) it shouldn't be too much trouble to release for Linux.

@Yousician: thank you for the time and effort you put into having released for Linux in the past. Much appreciated.
The best part is, cross platform compile is stupid simple, it can't be using up very much dev time. I'm a part time dev in a few projects (linux based but multi platform) the only windows device I own is a tablet which I occasionally use for testing stuff. Unfortunately it has no real options for USB input for my input DAC, leaving me with virtualization or WINE as my only option to use yousician, both of which are going to cause me a fair bit of work to get setup.

Full premium member here, strongly considering dropping membership.
Instead of dumping support for Linux you should make Yousician opensource (or it's Linux wrapper) and allow community to move support further if you can't handle that yourself.

Really upset by this move - that's what money does to good spirit.
Pretty disappointed by this.

I was using Yousician on Linux a lot. I don't understand why they felt the need to discontinue.

It was working just fine. Why break something that was in good working order?

Well, they processed my subscription cancellation in a prompt manner, so it is good that their customer support handled that appropriately.
I can't put in words how sad this makes me feel. I suppose it's back to the Android smartphone for me. As long as that lasts, since I am quite tired of Google spying everything that I do... I will subscribe to this thread in case the decision is reversed at some point.
I'm also back on using on a phone, which is obviously a pain compared to running comfortably on a laptop.

It was running flawlessly on Fedora, no doubt the same goes for other distro's.

@Yousician: any chance you will bring back Linux support in the future? I would most definitely restore my Premium account. What was the ultimate reason for the discontinuation?

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