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By BrunoC6
Yousician update - version 2.51

Hello fellow Yousicians!

This week Yousician will be updated to version 2.51. The update is now available for our desktop users (Windows and MacOS) and will be available later this week for mobile users (Android and iOS).


This version includes the addition of Paypal as a new payment method worldwide, changes to user-uploaded content and bug fixes.

New features and changes

  • Paypal is now supported as a payment method in all countries! Depending on where you live, you might have seen Paypal available already, but we are now excited to announce Paypal is accepted as a payment method worldwide. Some subscription types may not support Paypal.
  • Version 2.51 will gradually change all user-generated songs private, with no option to share them. You will still be able to create songs for your own use by uploading your GuitarPro and MusicXML files. However, due to significant technical difficulties, the support for 3rd party audio services (e.g. YouTube, Soundcloud) will be discontinued and personal uploads will use synthesized backing tracks instead. Song Creator has also been removed and it is no longer possible to edit uploaded songs in-app. We are making these changes in preparation for something new and exciting which will be introduced in a separate update. Unfortunately, the changes to user-generated content are needed now in order to lay the groundwork for these. We will share more information as soon as its available. Stay tuned for future updates.
  • Starting with this app version, all users will be asked to validate their email address. Mistakes happen and typos are definitely not uncommon, so being asked to validate your email address will make sure you receive your activity reports and helpful tips for learning!

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • Fixed an issue that caused some certificates to not be able to be downloaded.
  • Some users have reported not getting their weekly email reports. We have found the issue and fixed it, so it should not happen again. Thanks to everybody who reported it!
  • Using Facebook to log in was not working as expected on devices with iOS 9 and 10. This has now been fixed.

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of Yousician. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By wdor
> Version 2.51 will gradually change all user-generated songs private, with no option to share them.

Ok, well that sucks on a number of levels -- the "social" aspect of sharing tracks with other users is a big part of the value of Yousician for me -- if I'm limited to the "Yousicians"-generated sound-alikes and the tracks that I create I will be VERY disappointed -- the sound-alikes have limited value to me, and if I'm creating all the songs I'm playing I'm not sure what I'm paying for.

Moreover, if the only shared songs will be the Yousicians-generated sound-alikes then the competitive aspect of comparing your performance to that of others in the "community" is lost. I thought your whole gimmick was "gamificiation" -- just competing relative to my own scores will not be nearly as motivating.

> support for 3rd party audio services (e.g. YouTube, Soundcloud) will be gradually discontinued in the near future and personal uploads will use synthesized backing tracks instead.

Hang on. What!?!? So right now I have a number of tracks that I created via GuitarPro files and/or manual editing in the song editor that I have synced with the actual songs -- legally obtained and stored in my Dropbox. Are you saying I won't even be able to use the actual songs even for PRIVATE tracks in Yousician? And now I need to create MIDI files if I want any kind of backing track?

I'm pretty sure playing along to a legally-owned song in a private setting falls well within the bounds of fair-use. The only thing Yousician is doing here is synchronizing the start of the tab-player and the MP3 file I already own -- are your lawyers really telling you that you shouldn't be doing that?

I really hope that the "something new and exciting" is the introduction of a Yousician-blessed and licensed versions of a large library of real tracks (maybe via a deal from Spotify or Google Play or whatever) because otherwise I think I'm going to be EXTREMELY disappointed in what Yousician has become. When you locked me into a one-year subscription the product you were offering was much more than the opportunity to privately play-along with MIDI files.


EDIT: So to clarify with a specific example:

Currently 26 of the songs found on the Bass "Top 100" popular chart are user-created. 3 of the top 5 songs are user-generated. (Considering that most of the other songs come from the curriculum, while user-generated songs need to be actively "discovered", 26% is a pretty respectable showing. I'm guessing if you count raw plays then user-generated content is a substantial fraction of the overall songs played).

Does the policy of "Version 2.51 will gradually change all user-generated songs private, with no option to share them." mean that one in four of the songs on the "Top 100" list will no longer be available to users other than the original uploader/creator?

(This is not meant to be a rhetorical question. Can you clarify whether or not this is what we should expect to happen?)
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By lehik
Big disappointment here also...

I wonder what's the point of removing backing tracks from private uploads, as they were one of the difference-making aspects of the app compared to others. At least I think that users who are also teachers in Yousician should be able to create custom practices for their students. I'm sure that there are issues when serving backing tracks from streaming services with streaming-optimized protocols, but using a HTTP server (i.e. some file-sharing service like Dropbox) should be almost bullet-proof, especially if file format requirements would be strict enough, for example 160kbps .ogg @44100Hz...also it wouldn't be too difficult to create a server-side converter and I'm pretty sure there are such services available already.

One thing that kept me from creating own exercises was the lack of features in the Song Creator.
I had plans of creating practice versions of the songs I've been playing with a band but I guess it doesn't make sense anymore...kinda glad I didn't make them :/
By pennetsen
It is really bad news about removing the real backing track and replaced it with syntehic midi sounds. It was the introduction of real audio backing tracks that convinced me to sign up for a subscription. I have uploaded almost 200 songs that in near future will be useless. I have spent a lot of hours trimming my gp5 files for perfect sync. I use it to learn song for my music school. But because I come from a non English speaking country we use songs that newer will come on a future Yousician premium song library. I can't see how it can be technical problems because when I use Dropbox songs I works perfectly. And I can't see how it can conflict any copyright holder that I play my own songs. I can understand why sharing user uploads can be problematic but as long it is only me it should be fair use. I will seriously consider if I will renew my subscription next time in November because now I feel that I have been cheated. I will not pay what I do now just for being able to play songs like "Playing in the park" year after year. There are other cheaper alternatives with premium song for that. It is sad because Yousician was very unique until now.
By lehik
Just to clarify thoughts behind my previous message:
While It's sad to see quality stuff like Guitar Aerobics series go private, I do agree that something had to be done for user-generated uploads, as vast majority of them were substandard auto-generated Youtube-stuff. Still, I'd like to see actual backing track option available for private songs and teachers.

Also, I can understand that free user-generated songs would pose a threat to the upcoming "premium plus" (real band) content, as it would be quite easy to generate and share similar songs for "normal premium" users. That being said, losing the sharing option altogether is a major blow to social side of Yousician.

It will be interesting to see if the new and exciting features will "patch" any of the lost features in some way or another.
By RonV66
The update sucks.

Put the statistics back and may be than I will consider if I will renew the subscription.

You made a good program only worse with each update.
By Mom is the best
I agree with all of the above posts. When I started this program I compared it to different ones and liked this one the best. The ability to share songs created by others and compare scores was a big positive on my decision process. Yes Yousician takes you through the steps of learning how to play but now that is all it will be. A learning tool. Backtracking and sharing songs was a huge plus for learning current songs that we all listen to on the radio. Not just the Yousician songs that quit honestly are boring to listen too. With version 2.50 they already started deleting songs out of the library and I can no longer play them as they were shared by others. They continue to blame either the author for taking it down or that youtube has taken it down. Won't own up to the fact that none of this happened until 2.50. I too will be considering whether I will continue my subscription when this new version comes out. Lets just hope they do it soon and we don't continue to pay for something that we originally had. :( :(
By WalterAPO
I agree with the other posts. Every update to Yousician, the program get worst. I really liked Yousician when I started using it about a year ago. After the 2.49 update, I started to look for another program. :(
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By cyrusbrooks
I appreciate what you are doing, all the hard work.

I have no problem using Google Drive or other personal cloud storage for my tracks. I'd like it if you continued that. At least for personal study it would be awesome. Synthesized backing tracks may be pretty terrible. The thing is to increase value of the system, and that wouldn't do that. At least keep this open for personal use on one's personal cloud storage. I've had no problems on that.

If there is concern on copyright as to sharing, I can understand that. But it would be awesome to be able to share things like exercises, or something like that.
By wdor
Hi Yousician Team,

I see you've now disabled all editing of tracks (so I can't create custom exercises in the app, for example) and the ability to associate or sync external files (even mp3 or ogg recordings I might have on my own).

Can you please share more information about the timeline for

1. When we can expect to lose the sync'd audio I associated with existing files (many of which aren't going to have the other parts, so I guess they'll just be played solo)?

2. When can we expect this "new and exciting update"?

I've really enjoyed Yousician up until now (although you've been trimming features -- some unrelated to sharing or streaming -- for a while :( ) and I'm hopeful that the new and improved version will be something I'll enjoy even more, but frankly I'm not sure I want to continue to pay for the current experience for months waiting for this update to manifest.
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