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By YS15
Yousician update - version 2.52

Hello fellow Yousicians!

This week Yousician will be updated to version 2.52. The update will become available for desktop users on MacOS on Monday 9th July and for mobile (iOS and Android) and Windows users later on the same week.


This version brings some changes and improvements as well as bug fixes.

New features and changes

  • [Ukulele] Chord evaluation has been changed resulting in improved recognition of chords on all levels both for beginners and more advanced players.

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • A bug which made some users unable to continue during a lesson, even when every song section was successfully played, has been fixed.
  • PC users may have had issues with the app crashing when watching video tutorials; this no longer happens.

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of Yousician. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By tplambdin
The removal of song uploads with the MP3 file is a major blunder. The capability to learn an instrument via songs that you actually want to play was the major differentiator between Yousician and other online learning tools such as Guitar Tricks or JamPlay. Yousician had the only accurate capability of syncing a tab file with a real song, making learning songs fast, easy and fun. Without the real song as a backing track, timing becomes more difficult as you can't queue off the other instruments. This update has taken a valid learning tool and downgraded it back to a game (GuitarBots). As someone using Yousician to learn bass, the usefulness of the lessons and learning features ended quite a while ago. I now strictly use Yousician to learn new, more challenging songs.

As far as the additional of new and popular songs, with the massive amount of music available and the limitless variation in what people like to hear and play, I see no value is this path over the capability to upload and learn the exact songs that I'm interested in.

I can only hope that Yousician is going to release the tab/MP3 sync capability as a standalone app with the same Yousician interface and features...tab syncing to music sources (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.), tab editing, etc. While GoPlayAlong 4 is decent, the sync capability sometimes falls short and the interface simply mimics the tab file.
By justthisguy
I just now signed in upgrade to Premium, but I see that much of the utility I was attracted to has just now been removed. I see a lot of discussion on the forums from users suggesting the value and joy of Yousician has been degrading for some time, and frustration at this latest move.

I also see some discussion that your pricing sturcture is about to change. If it goes up, that'll make my decision for me. What I saw last week when I first came, coupled with the Premium price point, seemed ideal. Now I'm going to wait and see.

I'm gonna stick with the free lessons for a little bit and keep an eye on the service. Not leaving, but not paying just yet. The song editing, creation and sharing bit was a large part of what attracted me here. I'll be looking forward to the new announcements and hoping they show a return to that sort of community environment.
By grievingme
So they really ditched Community’s created songs.
Such a shame.

I just Registered to a one month plan and was planning to upgrade to a 1 year to spare the headache of auto renewal.

But I believe I will just finish this month and end up watching youtube toturials or try getting Rocksmith 2 on PS4

Cuz the option of Community Created tracks was the only thing that attracted me to the app.

Such a shame. :roll:
By lesordinari
Mourning the death of Yousician. What a horrible decision to remove the shared content. After passing through the lessons, there really has been no reason to continue subscribing other than finding and playing the great studio and live tunes out there. i will miss you.
By locodios
Definitely missing the User created content. I am not sure what happened here but more than half the songs I enjoyed playing are now gone. Such a shame.
By rapsacnz
This update is very laggy and stuttery. At this point, I'd really like if it you just rolled back to the previous version. Mac 10.13.4
The playback frequently slows down to the point of unusability.


By p90player
Mom is the best wrote:
Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:57 pm
The 9th was for MAC and mobile with Windows later in the week AS stated in their post.
By anton.ys
rapsacnz wrote:
Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:05 am
This update is very laggy and stuttery. At this point, I'd really like if it you just rolled back to the previous version. Mac 10.13.4
The playback frequently slows down to the point of unusability.


Hi Caspar,

Please reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here: http://yousi.co/support

We will look into the issue with stuttering and help you to solve it. Thanks!

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