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By anton.ys
Yousician update - version 2.53

Hello fellow Yousicians!

Yousician will be updated to version 2.53 next week. The update will become available for desktop users (Windows and MacOS) on Monday 23rd of July and for mobile users (iOS and Android) later on during the same week.


With this version we have improved the search functionality, brought in an easy way to share your Yousician videos (iOS 11 and higher only) to various social media channels, and fixed some bugs.

New features and changes

  • The search menu has been improved so you will be instantly getting the results whenever you type your search phrase in.
  • Video - Sharing your Yousician videos is now even easier! We have added an option to upload your videos to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube directly from the app. Time to show the world your playing skills! As a reminder, video recording feature is currently only available for users on iOS 11 and higher.


Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • Daily goal timer got fixed and will now show the correct time you've spent playing towards your goal.
  • iOS & MacOS - We've updated the rendering engine, which should bring some performance improvements. Also, on MacOS window will no longer flicker when resizing it.
  • iOS - App will no longer crash when changing your profile picture.

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of Yousician. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
Just wondering when this feature will be added back?

I received a comment to my service ticket that said that you guys were about to release an update where the community could share with each other again.

Please confirm if this is really something we should be expecting or not.... And if so, a potential ETA?

By cyrusbrooks
0) I notice a bug. If I play the song in the curriculum from the "home" page, then I get gold stars, but it doesn't gold star the entire song. To do that, I have to go into the "learn" page and play the song from there. I just did this with DJAMZ Quantum Science song. I played it a few times, I got it all with gold stars, playing the song all the way through several times. But I went back to the "learn" page and it didn't have a "gold star" on the overall song. I played it one more time in this place and it did have the gold star overall. So why when I got the gold stars from the home page, didn't it register he result on the "learn" page? Something strange there. :shock:
1) The search works well. It's a bit slow, but I see results as we're typing. :)
2) I would like the user uploads restored with mp3. I should be able to upload my song to GoogleDrive and add the .xml or gp* file to Yousician, add the link to GoogleDrive, and play my song. It was very workable. It seems like there should be no reason not to re-instate that feature. :roll:
3) In Piano, there is no simple way to go into the audio settings when you are playing a song. Try going in and see what I mean. Say you are playing a song and it's a bit quiet. You cannot pause the song and click a settings button (which you can do in guitar, bass) but you must instead exit the song and go through several screens before finally being able to change any audio setting. It would be great to have a button, at least like Guitar does. :cry:
4) Please give me the ability to change the color scheme. Sometimes I can't see it very well at all. The light blue is so so. The dark blue is practice mode, and it's better. The "color blind" schemes are not better. In guitar, the cream color (which changes to green or to red depending on accuracy) is really hard to see. I'd love to be able to choose my own colors, or at least a high contrast mode. :mrgreen:
5) History is very inconvenient to go to. I used it so much. Why not make it the first row on the homepage. Plenty of people want to immediately go to the last song they were working on. :ugeek:
Thank you. Keep up your good work. :D
By znlsy
I am a Yousicion user, i was wondering that the program which making music sheet from Youtube vid is disappear. I was very enjoyed that game and quality.

I paid the classical guitar plan. Seriously, was it gone?

+ I Twittered DM to you but nobody checks that. How can i get the feedback. :(
By alin varga
The biggest "bug" still on YOUSICIAN:
I paid the app for SHARED songs and Youtube....and none of this are now available.
~I already cancel my subscription.
I will be back when you fix the "bug".
By armakuni
Daily goal timer got fixed and will now show the correct time you've spent playing towards your goal.

Missing minutes every day was ruining the experience for me, so thanks very much for fixing this! :D
By GWar'73
I strongly agree with one of the previous comments that the history button should be accessible from the front page as it was for quite a while. This is one of the most frequently used one so why would we need to dig that deep down to get there? Thanks.
By Mom is the best
I have a question also regarding gold stars. I am playing bass. Basically there are at least two songs that I have found that are impossible to completely gold star. Can ace it in learn. Then in perform each and every time there is ONE note that will not show correct even though I continuously play it correct. In fact the notes before are the same as this one and those are fine. So its not like all of a sudden I have to play a different note. This one note is stopping it from being completely gold.

Anyone else have this problem?
By Antmax
Just a quick note that I have stopped getting notifications from my followers with this update.
By johnsonken1332
I was also told the update is coming for user sharing. I only use this program for the search options. I have had little to no use for it since it has changed. Why ruin a good thing? Is it coming back or no? I feel like a vast majority of us have been screwed.

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