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Why can’t I get songs on YouTube anymore in my search. I don’t understand why we are being forced to listen to yousician artist. That’s not why I purchased this app. Please don’t take this feature away because it’s your best one.
By Mom is the best
They claim some crap about copyright laws. Like they never knew this before. Sure can use Guitar Pro songs to create your own, but I don't have that nor do I want to pay for something else.
By hawxy
With new update and search feature I'm not able to get any result from YouTube anymore. All I get is Yousician own songs. But there are many other uploaders that I don't see anymore. And if I can't get YouTube search result then its really boring ! would you please look into? thanks
By guimaraj
In the latest version, notation preference does not persist. I prefer “Sheet” but in each new section it reverts to “Colourful”.

The same with MIDI input. I used not to worry about that, MIDI would stay as default input, now I need to confirm each time.

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