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By kidcobes
I have the same issue as "Moms the best", several songs refuse to give gold stars saying i miss the same note every time when in fact I am playing it correctly. Also, since the update the tabs are jumping all over the screen AGAIN! I thought you guys fixed this a while back?
By eva-lyne
Bjr, l'appli est uniquement en anglais. Comment faire pour l'avoir en français svp. Mon anglais n'est pas au top, trop rapide pour k je comprenne . Besoin d'aide
By johnsonken1332
Oh you have issues with random keys playing and being recognized. I did also the last three updates. Sent videos multiple. Emails. They acted like I was the only person it has ever happened to. I continue to pay, for what I ask myself everyday. Plenty of free apps do more then this one now. Yousician get your shit together.
By robbrye
What happened to the song creator? I can no longer add a backing track to the song i created. No song edit option. Please explain what happened to this awesome feature.
By robbrye
What happened to the song creator. I can no longer add a backing track to the song I created. I can no longer edit the song I created. Please explain what happened to this awesome feature.
By aeterius
What I find even more disturbing than removing a key feature that everyone loved is your total lack of communication regarding this topic. As many I have already cancelled my account. Too bad I signed up for a year. If you don‘t want to communicate with your paying customers, don‘t put up a forum. It raises the suspicion you guest don‘t care.
On the matter itself... an honest reasoning why the feature was removed and an estimated release date on your new exciting things, even if it‘s farther away than we hope, would have been good enough.
By stuartms
This update is terrible. Just done a three hour stint, clock says 90 minutes. It doesn't recognise notes played when they are, and without hammering the note it is never registered at all. Your timings change every time you play the track. Something is not at all right with this. If the simple clock won't work what else doesn't?
By bananas2410
Excuse me Ladies and Gentleman,
let me present the one and only question , that has the right to be asked until the end of time or until there will be a proper reaction from the side of the Yousician Team.


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